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Papua is known as a hidden paradise with majestic sceneries and rich biodiversity. It also has a long history of trading and colonalism, and until today, it is still consider a conflict prone area post-military operation.

So many things in Papua is unexplored, and so little information about its people’s daily economic, social and cultural life beyond nature’s beauty and ongoing conflict and violence between tribes, the State and independence movement.

Therefore, every Tuesday, Tifa will be posting #GetToKnowPapua campaign that will further explored a different narrative about Papua, mostly ecosoc, in the hope to provide a different image of Papuans, to help us know a little bit more about this jewel of the east.

Join us to #GetToKnowPapua, follow us in social media, and share your own Papua story.

Infographic: Human Right Violations in Papua

Many cases of human right violations in Papua has not yet resolved.

The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (KontraS) stated that the number of cases of human right violations in Papua has reached 30 percent compared to similar cases in other regions. The government said that they are committed to resolving five human right violations cases in Papua within this year. What are those cases? Check out the answer on the infographic made by Tifa Foundation based on various sources.

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